Free Government Heating Grants - Condensing Boilers

The UK Government are keen to improve out carbon footprint, reducing the amount of harmful gasses we release into the atmosphere. Condensing boilers are well known for their high efficiency compared with regular boilers, condensing boilers achieve their efficiency in the method they use in order to recycle the waste flue gasses into additional heat, regular boilers instantly dispel these gasses into the atmosphere, where as condensing boilers use them to create heat for the home. The government want us all to be energy efficient, with condensing boilers being the most energy efficient boiler at over 87% the Governemnt wants us all to have condensing boilers in our homes. In 2008 the UK Government introduced the boiler scrappage scheme, which basically gave homeowners £400 towards a new condensing boiler for their home, even if their current boiler was working fine, homeowners were given the opportunity to upgrage their boilers.

There is a free governemnt heating grant currently in operation called The WarmFront Scheme - This grant gives people up to £3,500 towards the cost of various home improvements including, a new boiler, a new full central heating system, loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and draught proofing. WarmFront aim to improve the quality of life for homeowners accross the UK ensuring they have an adequate level of heating. The Government grant incentive WarmFront provides a grant of money worth £3,500 to homeowners who are on certain qualifying benefits such as income related benefits. People over the age of 60 also qualify for a WarmFront Grant in particular the free loft and cavity wall insulation. It is worth clicking on one of our sponsors to read more about the free central heating Warmfront Grant process, and apply online.

If you qualify for a new central heating boiler under the Warmfront grant scheme, the WarmFront surveyor will discuss all the possible boiler types that would best suit your home. A condensing boiler is an excellent choice as it is the most efficient type of boiler and work extreamly well. All the major boiler manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch make condensing boilers. Although it is worth having a think about the possibility of your condensing boiler having a frozen condensate pipe in the cold winter months. We advise you have a browse around and read up on frozen condensate pipes, how to identify a frozen condensate pipe, how to thaw a frozen condensate pipe and what to do next.

A condensing boiler is a very good choice, although they are more complex then some of the other boilers available. A condensing boiler requires a professional installation and maintenance. The Warmfront grant uses heating installers located accross the UK. The heating engineers working on behalf of WarmFront are all fully Gas Safe Qualified and work clean and efficiently.